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Jet99.com SCAM & Damon Westmoreland's Past

********** NEW INFO ************

Damon Westmoreland: Judgments > $1,000,000

Damon Westmoreland (owner of Muzumah.com, BestOf.com and partial owner
of Jet99.com) is buried in debt resulting from his illegal scamming in
the Tele-Card and Caruba scams. As reported in Offshore Alert, a
newsletter on international white-collar financial fraud published by
www.kycnews.com, Damon Westmoreland has incurred over $1 MILLION in
tax liens and civil judgments. Public records show no less than 11
judgments again Mr. Westmoreland, one alone $692,207.00 (File
#980411328, San Diego County). This indicates that King Pyramid
himself walked away with plenty of $ while his victims got nothing in

ThePayLine.com Link

Most interestingly, Damon Westmoreland is in Phase Two of his travel
scam career. Does anybody remember ThePayLine.com? ThePayLine.com
was another "travel and cash rewards program" that was shut down in
2001 by the US Postal Service for perpetrating MAIL FRAUD. The San
Diego BBB linked DAMON WESTMORELAND to this former incarnation of the
Jet99.com SCAM. Please see the BBB warning:

An article about Damon Westmoreland's ThePayLine.com scam (Jet99 Part
I) from another highly credible source, Infoworld:

Another link to Damon Westmoreland's former SCAM (Jet99's big

JET99.COM Members: Does This Sound Familiar?
(excerpt from the InfoWorld article)
[Postal authorities seize the cash flow of the Internet outfit known
as PayLine.com]
PayLine made incredible promises through its Web site and a
sophisticated e-mail marketing campaign. First, you'd pay $200. Then
you'd sign up two other members. After that, you'd get a pro rata
share of 50 percent of all the money received from future members, to
be divided among older members.
In addition, you'd receive one free "travel mile" for every member who
joined after you, whether or not you'd personally enrolled them.
PayLine promised thousands of miles of free airline tickets. More than
290,000 Internet users had "preregistered" by e-mail as of the last
time I checked a digital counter at the site, which I believe to be

It looks like DAMON WESTMORELAND is rather unimaginative. The only
thing he changed from ThePayLine.com to Jet99.com was the fact that
the US Postal Service cannot touch him this time around, because he is
now using the Internet for all monetary exchanges. What the scammer
failed to realize is that he is not out of reach of the State Attorney
General and the FBI. While Damon imagined himself as being clever
this time around, he did not stop to think that unlike past US Mail
deliveries, all electronic financial transactions are 100% traceable.
Both credit card transactions and electronic checks are stored
indefinitely in databases that can be subpoenaed by law enforcement
agencies. Hey Damon, one step forward, 99 steps back!

Contact Info

Known Addresses for DAMON E. WESTMORELAND, age 32:

101 State Pl, Escondido, CA 92029
1135 Vulcan Pl , Escondido, CA 92027
2426 Shadyridge Ave , Escondido, CA 92029
3410 Del Lago Blvd , Escondido, CA 92029
3525 Del Mar Heights Rd., #213, San Diego, CA 92130
5086 Playa Portofino Cmno , San Diego, CA 92124
6586 Ambrosia Dr , San Diego, CA 92124
8039 Caminito De Pizza , San Diego, CA 92108
PO Box 420404 , San Diego, CA 92142
PO Box 86332, San Diego, CA 92138

Known Phone Numbers:

Cell: 858-335-7325
Business: 858-453-6188
Business: 858-509-1623

Known Email Addresses:


********** OLDER INFO ************

Jet99.com's Damon Westmoreland – Facts Everybody Should Know

If you are considering investing with Jet99.com, then you owe it to
yourself to first study the past and present criminal activity of its
principal Damon Westmoreland (owner of Mazumah.com, BestOf.com and
partial owner Jet99.com).

Fact, as stated on the Jet99.com conference call: Damon Westmoreland,
CEO of http://www.mazumah.com/ is also an owner of
http://www.Jet99.com. Only under pressure did he admit to this
connection. Mazumah.com was previously represented as an independent
legitimate funding service. The fine print indicates that Mazumah.com
simply acts as a "trustee" of your money, as they are not a licensed
financial management service or depository institution. Because
mazumah.com facilitates its payment through private labeled ATM/
check-cards, they demand that you supply your SSN and date of birth,
plus of course your street address. This enables the Jet99.com
pyramid/Ponzi scam to victimize you in an identity theft scheme after
they take your initial $119. Do you want Damon Westmoreland to have
your sensitive information? Read On!

Aside from the fact that Jet99.com and Mazumah.com are one in the
same, Damon Westmoreland has been busy hustling pyramid victims for
the past 10 years or more. Here is a long list of revelations…

Tele-Card Network

FTC takes legal action against Damon Westmoreland for running an
illegal pyramid scam. Scroll down to Tele-Card Network:

Direct from the FTC. Search on Damon Westmoreland's company
"Tele-Card Network":

You may also call Andrew Kandel of the New York Bureau of Investor
Protection & Securities for confirm Damon Westmoreland's (Tele-Card
Network) past criminal actions: 212-416-8989.

Other Various Pyramid Scams

Damon Westmoreland also connected to other pyramid scams:

He has already been involved in many pyramid scams, all of which have
flopped as all pyramids do. FortuneTel is only the tip of the
iceberg. He has also been involved with a number of other failed
pyramid scams in the San Diego area: Resultz for Life, Payline, etc…

Better Business Bureau Warning About Damon Westmoreland

If you think that this article is being highly prejudicial against Mr.
Westmoreland, please see that the San Diego Better Business Bureau has
to say about Damon Westmoreland's merchant services company:


Damon Westmoreland's rating with the San Diego BBB is UNSATISFACTORY,
but you'll be even more interested in what the BBB has to say about
Damon Westmoreland's Mazumah.com (AKA Jet99.com):


Yes, another UNSATISFACTORY rating!!! Remember that this is the
organization that you will be handing your SSN, date of birth, street
address and everything else required to take you to the cleaners!

Damon Westmoreland's Illegal Scam Known as Caruba International

What's more is that Damon Westmoreland used to be a principal of
Caruba International, a sleazy offshore "banking" and High Yield
Investment Program scam. The state of Alaska took legal action
against them for (1) running an illegal pyramid scam, and (2) selling
unregistered securities.

Offshore Alert, a subscription based publication specializing in
exposing fraudulent offshore schemes, uncovered and published many
horrifying revelations about Damon Westmoreland and his Caruba
International SCAM. The following abstract is available free on their
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Regulators take action against Caruba International
Abstract: February 28, 2001. The latest Pyramid scheme run by
28-year-old Damon Westmoreland, called Caruba International, seems to
be headed the way of his last, which was shut down by regulators in
the United States. Caruba International, which claims to be operated
"entirely in Aruba" but appears to be run from Flo...
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This is a copyrighted work, and the remaining article is available for
$10.00 from:

The Jet99, Mazumah and BestOf Connections. All One In The Same!

It gets even better!!!!! Jet99.com shows off a BestOf.com "Most
Rewarding Travel Program" on the Jet99.com home page. What Damon
Westmoreland fails to disclose is that he owns Jet99.com, Mazumah.com

BestOf.com Registration:
3525 Del Mar Heights Rd. #213
San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: 858-509-1623

Mazumah.com Registration:
3525 Del Mar Heights Rd., #213
San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: 858-453-6188

Damon Westmoreland is an owner of Jet99.com, he owns Mazuma.com (the
"3rd Party" funding operation), plus he owns BestOf.com, the so-called
consumer-driven award bureau that endorses Jet99.com.

Before launching Jet99, Damon Westmoreland attempted to disassociate
himself from BestOf.com. After all, BestOf.com is used to legitimize
Jet99.com. In a failed attempt to cover his tracks, Damon changed his
online press release, but he failed to remember that search engines
store the cached versions of web pages. Look at what google has
cashed from earlier in the year:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Breaking News:

Damon Westmoreland Announces Merger Of "Best Of.com" And CardGlobal
On a recent Massive Powerline Training Call, Damon Westmoreland,
President of BestOf/CardGlobal, announced that in early 2004,
"BestOf.com" will merge with CardGlobal.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


By the way, if anybody sees this guy coming:


RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!!!! It's Damon Westmoreland, and he's out to
rip you off!

As given out on a recent public conference call:

Damon Westmoreland contact information:
Cell Phone: 858-335-7325

Please call Damon yourself and ask him to explain his past and present
criminal conduct.


For commentary and many more compelling facts about the Jet99.com
pyramid/Ponzi scam, please see the forum at
http://www.quatloos.com/Dove-Doo-Doo-forum.htm. Be sure to click on
the "Prosperity Programs - NESARA" link. If you are unfamiliar with
Ponzi scams and Pyramid scams, please see:


Jet99.com is a combination pyramid AND ponzi scam. It's exact
structure is rather unique, but it is just a variation of these
age-old schemes. Equal parts pyramid and Ponzi, and it is being
conducted by a seasoned scam artist. Please help put a stop to Damon
Westmoreland before he walks away $20,000,000 richer and you $119

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